Welcome to a space I call ARIA Well-Being!  Originally, ARIA Center for Well-Being started in the town of Los Gatos, CA in a holistic spa and wellness center.  A business I started in 1998 and has evolved over the years, and so did I.  In 2011, I studied NLP at NLP-Marin California, and Family Constellation Facilitation in 2012 which this lead me to U.Lab and the Presencing Institute at MIT in 2015.  


My work is a heart-based practice providing services for people wanting change.  Social Presencing is a wholistic approach and method to help love flow back into a system where it may be blocked or stuck.  The work is typically done in a group but can also be done in a private session.  During a session we look at a system dynamic, where there may be entanglements or a sense things are stuck and may be a symptom of something that needs to be included and seen in essence to shift a disruptive life pattern.  The work is done within a "field" or intentional space that may provide insights and awareness of an issue or the energy in the system.  The work is to help see an unconscious patterns and bring it to light, possible next steps and sometimes liberate something blocking a resolution. 


You can schedule a private session which is 30 minute session.  A Collective ARIA Circle is held monthly and the cost is $10 per person.  The intention of this work is for both personal and collective healing, restoring balance in our lives and our environments.  Thank you for your interest in this work and the benefits it offers this beautiful living system.  Join us online and eventually when COVID has resolved we will host small group offline workshops and events.  Clients are welcome to invite friends and possibly family to attend and support their constellation.  

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